Limitations and Requirements

Student participation and funding support requires an invitation.  If you are seeking funding support to participate in the workshop, please do not register online until you have been invited.


To receive an invitation, students must be currently matriculating at an accredited institution of higher learning (undergrad through PhD programs).   There is no limit regarding academic major and we ask only that the workshop will be relevant to your academic growth.

Poster requirement

As part of the invitation process, we require that you present a poster on a topic of your choice.  The poster need not be exactly relevant to the workshop topic, and it is far more important that you present an area of your current study.  This will offer you an opportunity to discuss your ideas with professionals who are typically happy to provide supportive and insightful feedback.

Any student who prefers to participate without an invitation may register at the regular professional rate.  If a student chooses this route, there would be no student invitation process, no poster requirement, and no offers of reimbursement.

Student Registration Process

If you are an undergraduate or graduate student interested in attending the workshop, please ask a faculty member at your school to send us a brief email recommendation.  We are looking for only a few sentences to suggest how you will benefit from the meeting.

The professor should send this recommendation via email to

Once we decide to invite you, we will email a brief application form for you to complete, sign, scan, and send back to us via email.  If we have any concerns with any information on your application form we will contact you.  The application form requests basic contact information and provides space for you to estimate your expenses (if you are a USA citizen). Our NASA funding only covers students who are USA citizens and pays only for hotel and the cost of registering for the workshop (no airfare or train fare).

Funding is limited, and once we run out of money, we can offer no more support.

There is no funding available for international students.

Once your application is approved, you may register online.

Student Funding Process

Funding for local lodging and workshop registration fee reimbursement is paid by the NASA Rhode Island Space Grant (RISG) and is available only to US citizens.  If you are a USA citizen, please have your professor confirm your USA citizenship via email.  The RISG will reimburse your workshop registration fee and pay for local lodging up to federal per diem funding limits ($130/night).

As part of your official invitation we will send you a reimbursement form to list your actual expenses as you pay them.  The form includes a ground mailing address where you will send the completed form (plus original receipts) to the NASA RI Space Grant program manger.  RISG reimbursement checks are typically processed within six weeks and will cover your local lodging and registration fee reimbursement expenses.

As long as actual local lodging and registration fee expenses do not exceed your pre-approved estimate, the RISG will pay the full amount promised.

Contact Us

For questions or concerns about any aspect of the student invitation, application, registration or reimbursement process, please contact us.  If you see that your actual expenses are exceeding your estimate — please contact us as soon as possible.

Note: Only those invited students who actually attend the workshop are eligible for travel, lodging, and registration fee reimbursement.

Student Academic Poster Session Logistics

Poster setup takes place at the start of each poster session.  Posters must be removed right after each session — which means that you’ll need to keep your poster with you in a rain-proof tube.  We also have secure storage if you prefer to store your poster on campus overnight.  Please find a workshop staff member if you have any questions.

Registration Deadline

There is no specific student registration deadline, however the registration price does increase February 1st.  We process student invitation requests in the order that they are received, and the main deadline is how we have limited funding available. Early registration will improve your odds of a funding commitment.

Also keep in mind that making early travel arrangements may keep the price of your hotel room within the federal funding limit.