Past workshops have investigated microrovers, multiple satellite missions, satellites built on a single integrated circuit chip and vehicles for launching 100-gram to 10-kg payloads into low Earth orbit.

Over the last two years Space-Horizons has looked at large infrastructure in space and specifically at the model of the South Pole’s McMurdo Sound community as a model of human societies in a remote location.

Previous Workshops in the Space Horizons series

2015 – McMurdo on the Moon

2014 – Space Infrastructure

2013 – Micro Meet Macro (Multiple Spacecraft Missions)

2012 – MicroRovers for Planetary ExplorationPhotos

2011 – Desktop Delta V — Safer propulsion, Photos

2010 – ChipSat — Satellite on a chip, Photos

2008 – NLV — Nanosatellite launch vehicles, Photos